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Welcome back Audition!

·6 mins

It’s summmer break and regional competition is coming. Like all good highschools aiming for national, Kitauji high is in the midst of intense training. Last week, Taki-sensei promised another audition, and we have Kaori challenging Reina with the solo part on stake.

There she goes

·4 mins

If I’m going to stick with what I’ve said in the last post. Then we already have two cases related to Kumiko’s past solved by the 10th episode. The first case was Kumiko felt bad about Reina, though she doesn’t think she was at the wrong side, she keep dragging the fact that she is troubled with it. Turns out it was just her thinking too much, and on the other hand, she actually got Reina attracted to her.

The second case was revealed just now, Kumiko has this episode where she being scapegoated by her senior. That’s why she feels troubled now since Natsuki doesn’t pass the audition. She totally thought Natsuki will spit on her.

Again this is just Kumiko worrying too much. Natsuki invited her for a talk and laughing it off. She knew Kumiko troubled with the audition result, but Natsuki has just playing eupho for 1 year and she knows it’s obvious that she wont make it. She rather thankful for Kumiko, that she can improve her playing and enjoying it a bit better.

Now here be spoilers

Hibike! Euphonium - 9

·2 mins

Let’s have another Kumiko’s close-up shot parade for this week.

Potatoes & Milk

·3 mins

Things are getting gray right now, while KyoAni sure trying to put some jokes here and there to lighten the plot, the entire nuance of this episode is nothing but gloomy.

Let's Katou-chan

·3 mins

Katou Hazuki is a former tennis club member. Decidedly joined the concert club at highschool, and was aiming to play trumpet but wrong-handedly bought tuba mouthpiece instead.

Hibike! Euphonium - 4

·1 min

I hope people don’t find out that all these Euphonium writings is just an excuse for me to post Kumiko’s close-up shots.

From the New World

·2 mins

I finally noticed that rather than a preview of the next episode, KyoAni put a review of the previous instead, then climaxing with the opening theme, successfully bringing up the tension.

The ep started with the usual club pre-activities, all the freshmen preparing the music room. We still know a little about Reina, but now she talks to Kumiko, the case with Kumiko’s past is settled and that’s enough to let all Kumiko’s worries disappear.

Now the actual practice begin! Apparently they have all the sections practice separately. I suppose Kumiko is not a beginner, yet she takes the belly-breathing practice with Hazuki. The next thing happened is Asuka taking them to choose their instruments.

She is indeed dragging it out

·1 min

Just when I thought no one dragging out the story.

Now Kumiko is troubled trying to get along with Reina, she actually has no reason to try but the fact that she keeps dwelling on that past event is annoying even for her two friends, she has to talk with Reina.