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New Year New Keyboard Build

·1 min

My 3rd keyboard build.

iris left hand

It’s an iris keyboard from keebio, still waiting for some parts to arrive, I still need some spacers, rgb light strip (haven’t buy this yet), and cables.

Iris is a 40% keyboard so it will be hard to get used to it. I’m still not sure what to put on the thumb cluster yet.

clear switch

The switch is Cherry MX clear, so far the most expensive key switch I ever have. It has this snuggly bump feeling which kind of close to rubber dome. Also unlike brown switches, the peak force on clear is much more steeper, which means it’s more heavy to bottom out, and so for me, this switch is not the switch you want to put under modifier keys. For this build, I mixed some gateron red. And it feel awesome.

My second build was an ergodox with gateron red. It feels nice, but kind of boring, better mix some red with another switches. Which is what I’m doing with my kbod, I end up mixing gateron blue, with some red accent for its modifiers.