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so here is vyw

·2 mins

I supposed to write this weeks ago though, anyway. Here is vyw, it’s a client side file browser. Vyw actually is a continuation of this post. At least the idea was already popped up around that time, but I only had the chance to tinker around it few weeks ago.

So the idea was to have this fully functional file browser, or specifically, images browser with thumbnail view, which usually achieved with server-side app, backed only with nginx.

You wont need this if you already using services like imgur, or dropbox. But since I’m not really using both services. And I already store (almost) all my picture files on my private server anyway, so hey, why not!

Vyw actually is supposed to be made to speed up my blogging activity, especially when it’s involving posting some random image, you know, like this

Ummm, suddenly lose the mood to write about the technicals stuff, so here is the list of stuff I need to fix / not there yet:

  • Fix nginx config example in contrib folder
  • Add example config for setup with 3rd party image resizer service
  • Add example config for setup with nginx image filter module
  • List view
  • Navigation bar (not sure if useful)
  • Prebuilt release

The only concern left for me is, separation between public and private contents. While all the files is considered public, I can only allow some people to browse them. And this is impossible to do with nginx, short of rearranging the directory structure and create root for each contents (publicly browsable v.s. browsable only with secure link). I don’t know.