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Kumiko Looks really Hot!

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I’ve posted something about Kumiko shared the same sentiment with Shuichi, whom had been stuck on his part. In the 12th episode we got Kumiko in the same situation, and the story goes on showing how she struggle the hardships to be special.

Taki-sensei suddenly asked the euphs to play additional part, which apparently is a bit tricky for Kumiko. She gave a shot trying to play, and missed most of the notes which makes even Natsuki scratching awkwardly.

Kumiko then goes practicing the notes by herself.

While the post is dated at June 2015, this was actually just written today (October 2016). The draft has been sitting there since then. Half of the reason is because I’m bad with chore. Or anything that turned into routine and had to be done repeatedly. Hate to admit that it’s including writing weekly reports on this series, as much as I love it, the resistance to do the writing is just getting bigger and bigger.

The other half is because there’re really few, if any, to talk about after that much writings.